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Principle I

Invest In Remarkable Businesses With A Margin of Safety

The 4 Pillars Of Identifying Great Businesses

Exceptional Financials

We identify remarkable businesses by first analyzing historical accounting statements. We use a dozen financial metrics to determine whether a business has a proven track record of being remarkable. This data-driven, backward-looking process helps us cut down the noise and lets the numbers tell the story of a company. If the numbers showcase a company that is significantly better than the market average, we continue our analysis. Examples of ratios we find relevant are: management's ability to generate above-average returns on the capital invested in the business (Return on Invested Capital), profitability of the business (Operating Margin), and long-term growth in profits adjusted for all costs to shareholders (free cash flow per share growth over 5 years).


Meet Your Team

Over 30 years of combined investment management experience at your fingertips. 

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