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Our Strategies

Quality Over Quantity

We don't mimic benchmarks and own thousands of subpar companies via ETFs.

We focus on studying, acquiring, and monitoring a portfolio of remarkable businesses for our clients. 

Long-Term Focus

Our preferred holding period is forever.


We focus on building and retaining generational wealth for clients. 

Alignment with Clients

Our employees' and firm's capital is invested in the same strategies that we recommend to our clients.

Direct Ownership & Control

We prefer direct ownership of companies and bonds as opposed to indirect ownership via a Wall Street ETF or Mutual Fund. This way we retain our clients' voice and vote as fiduciaries and stewards of their capital in corporate matters.

Global Equity

Our global equity portfolio is made up of 25-35 high-quality American and International equities based on the Taylor Hoffman Investment Process.  

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U.S. Equity

Our U.S. equity portfolio is made up of 25-30 high-quality American equities based on the Taylor Hoffman Investment Process. 

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Custom Portfolios

Tailor-fit portfolios are built for our clients based on client-specific needs that we identify during the onboarding process.

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